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Power and Positive Thinking

We all have people in our lives that always seem to be smiling, cheerful and have that mysterious happy and exciting effect on us, especially when we’re around them. what is it about these people that have this effect on us?

Some might think that these people are just extremely lucky and have a good and wonderful life, so there’s no need to be unhappy about anything. Nothing ever bad seems to happen to them, they never seem to have any kind of financial problems, always looking healthy and have that vibrant bounce about them in every step they take, everywhere they go.

Even though we feel good when these people are around, we can’t help but have our own little green headed monster raise its ugly head. That’s correct the big old jealousy monster. The envy always seems to creep into our minds. I can hear it now… It’s not fair, why can’t I have that kind of luck? Why can’t I be that healthy? Why can’t I afford those clothes, car, hairdo, shoes, along with whatever misfortunes you may think you have.

At the end of the day you’re just secretly wishing that you could be that happy too. You just don’t understand what their secret is. How can anyone be this happy and positive all the time, yet you can’t understand what you’re missing.


Believe it or not the magic behind this secret is a simple yet effective positive attitude towards everyone and every situation. A good attitude, power and positive thinking become them; you just need to adopt this same mindfulness approach to your life.

The Power in Positive Thinking

Positive thinking is a huge step towards a powerful positive attitude, but its not always an easy challenge to totally change your way of thinking. Each day is a challenge to adopt this way of life, but from personal experiences it has been a worthwhile journey.

My first steps to better thinking started the day I walked out of the doctors with a diagnosis of depression and a prescription for anti-depressants. I spent a considerable amount of time in a dark place contemplating how to resolve my inner mind, until I saw the words positive mental attitude in a book shop window.

This led me to my first self-help book “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind,” by Dr. Joseph Murphy. This book offers an insight into how we can tap into the power of our subconscious mind to combat many aspects of our lives and how it can affect the way we think, I truly believe this book saved me, but that’s a story for another time.

The point I’m trying to make is that I had to have a shift in the way that I thought, as every positive thought I forced into my mind the more and more the effects started to snowball. The same way you would see a small pebble rolling down a snowy hill on one of those crazy cartoons on the television, by the time the pebble reaches the bottom the snowball would be huge.

This is the real power of positive thinking, once you start you need to keep the momentum going. It is hard at first to see the benefits in the beginning but the more you practice the art, the more the power of positive thinking will show itself. You will start to find that no matter what you face you will always see a positive side to any situation.

The Power of a Positive Attitude

You might think having a positive attitude is the same as thinking positive. Yet I would have to disagree with this comment. Its difficult to explain but you really can’t have one without the other.

How can you have a positive attitude and think negatively, also how can you have a negative attitude but think positive, it just doesn’t make sense. I believe a positive attitude is the by-product of thinking positive.

With this confusing notion in mind it sounds as if there’s no hope; we need to think positive to have a better attitude but at the same time if our attitude is wrong how will we start to think positively. We could go around in circles all day with this philosophy, it’s the age-old catch twenty-two situation.


I said earlier that I had to force positive thoughts into my mind in the beginning which started to form my new attitude. The more I practiced the more my attitude changed, the more my attitude changed the easier my thinking became.

You see I never started with either, the positive attitude, or the positive thinking. I only had the desire to change, sparking the interest in the possibility of a better way to think. The phrase “desire to change” holds no weight until you choose your path, and, in my case, I chose the path of positivity.

Negative Emotions – Don’t Let Them Win

Negative emotions can hit you at anytime, anywhere, any place, they hold no quarter for anyone. It doesn’t matter who you are and where you live in the world, they will find you. At times these emotions can become distressing, especially at times. We have countless thoughts each day, many of them good but several of them not.

If you become aware of these emotions, you can redirect your thoughts towards more positive emotions. Never allow the below emotions distract you from your true power of positive thinking.

Stress, Overwhelmed, Threatened, Bitter, Frustrated, Hostile, Indignant, Resentful, Betrayed, Disrespected, Provoked, Annoyed, Numb, Dismissive, Distant, Let down, Mad, Anxious, Rejected, Worried, Pressured, Helpless, Nervous, Skeptical, Hurt, Powerless, Awful, Judgmental, Aggressive, Rushed….

Affirmations for Positive Thinking

Affirmations are a great way to combat your negative emotions on the go, in fact you can use them in the car, at home, when you are working, walking, riding, running even in the rest room. You can pretty much use affirmations anywhere.

They are short positive statements that you recite and repeat to yourself in your mind or out loud over and over to help overcome negative thoughts and emotions. Our minds have a habit of self-sabotage, so affirmations are a neat little mind exercise to support stronger and more positive beliefs’.

Just a few positive affirmations in your life can make a massive change. Start practicing now with some positive affirmations I have personally used through some tuff times I’ve been through.


Overcoming fear – I am going to master this fear, I am overcoming it now, I will be strong and confident, I am relaxed and at ease.

Forgiveness – I fully forgive… (offender’s name) I release him/her completely for… (matter in question) I am free from this burden, he/she is free from this burden, It is a wonderful feeling, I release anybody and everybody that has ever hurt me. I forgive.

Choosing Happiness – I take charge of my life today, Happiness is all around me, Love is all around me, Success is all around me, Today is happy, and I will be happy all day.

Start saying affirmations quietly to yourself for a few minutes at a time in situations of negativity and benefit from the release these short paragraphs provide. As silly as it may feel when you first start affirming to yourself, stick with it and like me you will surly feel many negative situations dissolve into thin air.

Keeping your Mindset on Track

From time to time, many of us will slip off the wagon and have moments of negativity and ask ourselves questions like.

What happens if I stop thinking positive?

Does this mean that my positive attitude will disappear?

I ask myself these questions regularly, even to this day, the fact remains that because we are conscious of these types of questions, mean that we acknowledge to ourselves that we could fall back to where we started, before our journeys better mental health started. These questions always remind me of my decision I made many years ago…. the desire to change.


If you find yourself slipping like this and recognise these thoughts of negativity, you can start to adapt and change the way you think before it starts to affect your positive attitude. Just by becoming aware and knowing your thoughts can have a huge impact to recovery. Unfortunately, if you don’t recognise yourself spiralling out of control then you are real danger of falling back into a very dark situation and undoing all the hard work you have achieved. It’s not necessary a bad thing to have an off day, it can be quite inspirational at times because it will take you back to the time and place when you made your decision, the decision that gave you your desire to change.

Finale Thoughts

We are all secretly wishing that we could be a happier, yet we just don’t understand what the secret is. A good attitude, power and positive thinking has a lot to play in this in the mental reset, but at times can be extremely challenging,

Remembering positive thinking has its own by-product, a positive attitude which will help reinforce better and stronger beliefs.

Beware the negative emotions and to acknowledge them before you spiral out of control, but don’t beat yourself up too much because we all have off days. Embrace the bad days so you can learn to recognise them, given you the momentum to build a stronger more positive mind.

If at any time should you let the negative emotions creep in, don’t stress, affirm your positive attitude quietly to yourself release the tension these negative emotions have on you.

Remember you can Choose Happiness –

I take charge of my life today, Happiness is all around me, Love is all around me, Success is all around me, Today is happy, and I will be happy all day.


Be kind and smile often.




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