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Thank you for your positive vibes and your visit to our very happy piece of the internet. We are hoping you will enjoy our journey as much as we will.

My Story

My journey in to the realms of positivity started around 7 years ago, around 2012. After some life changing thoughts I found myself sat in the local doctors explaining my feelings, 15 minutes later I was pushed out the door with a prescription for antidepressants and a leaflet to attend a wellness group.

Huh… I just had the doctor tell me I was suffering from depression, take one tablet, twice daily, phone this number and join this group, thank you I will see you in 3 months.

I mean what the HELL !!! If I didn’t think I was suffering from depression before I went in, I certainly felt it on the way out. The realization of this diagnosis put me in an extremely dark place that felt like forever. Frantically trying to keep my sanity I started the course of tablets and toyed with the idea of calling the number the doctor gave me.

With this bouncing around my mind I continued my life the best I could, carrying on with work, daily chores, shopping, bills, the list goes on.

Yet one day when walking down the local high street with my wife, something stopped me dead in my tracks, looking around wondering why, I saw a bookstore with the words “Positive Mental Attitude” in the window. These words seemed to glow which leads me to a journey that completely changed my life.


My wife and I both realise that so many people suffer from these ailments and the feelings like there is no escape from the torment and games that our minds play on us.

Yet with a few realignments in the way we think you can cause a magnitude of changes in your outlook on life. We want to share our journey, problems and changes we made. We have found some good rules for a better life and want to share that vision, it won’t be easy but we are going to have a good old go at it.

The Zenitivity Goal

Have you ever heard of the saying ” Is your glass half empty or is your glass half full ” Our goal is simple, if we could just make you think for one second that the glass is never half empty but is also half full then we have done our job.

Believing this goes along way, and you will never look at life quite the same way again.

If you have anything you can share in retrospect to mind management and a better way of thinking then please feel free to share and send your stories to, we would love to hear from you.

Be kind and smile often,

Bryan Perry – Positive Mental Attitude

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