Live the Simple Lifestyle – Less Can be SO Much More


Less Can be SO Much More.

Many of us are moving through our lives at breakneck speeds, at every turn we seem to want to find something or someone to try to fill the void of happiness we are all searching for. Always looking for the next gadget, the newest car, clothes and accessories to find the sweet spot of happiness.

This happiness feels great but usually very short-lived, leading us to turn yet another corner so we can find our next happy fix. While everything all around us is traveling at the speed of light more and more of us are starting to change the way we think, we are all starting to think what really makes us happy.

Busy MotorwayWith so many of us waking up and admitting to ourselves that we aren’t happy with all the material possessions, friends and situations we have collected and been in, we find that we are turning to find a simpler way to happiness. Many of us are stepping off the motorway and starting to travel the peaceful country roads in search of something better.

Personally, I’m looking for a more balanced and spiritual life, something to make me feel happy regardless of all the items that seem to burden me. This path will be different for all of us, yet we all want to end up in a different state, emotionally, spiritually and physically, regardless of our possessions that serve our happiness for our short-term fixes.

Calm Country Roads

Jumping off the motorway can be a rocky journey but worth the effort, just to feel the calmness of those relaxing peaceful country roads.Start to live the simple lifestyle you deserve with some of these eye-opening remedies to reach your calm country road.


Recognise Things as They Are.

One of the most astute ways to simplify your life is to stop wanting items and people to be different to what they really are. The trouble is that most of us have a sense to think and believe everything and everyone should be like our own ways of thinking. We only ever see the world through our own eyes. We want everything to sit just right in our own minds and play alongside our beliefs, so when we find something or someone that goes against our inner beliefs it feels like an attack.

This is when we find ourselves lashing out in confrontational conversation and possibly argumentative reasoning. The same can be said to most of the situations within our lives. For example, many of us are pet owners and we all know too well the challenges that come with owning a pet.

Yet we sometimes find ourselves getting frustrated when our pets don’t do as they are told and maybe at times shout at them for not doing a simple task.


Just remember that your pets don’t understand, they don’t speak our language, they respond to the kindness and love we offer yet often get scared when in a negative situation, motivating an action to act in a manner we don’t like.

Recognise your pet for what they are, recognise they have different needs to us. Recognise they have a different way of thinking. Recognise they need patience and understanding because they are different. They are our pets not human.

Everyone and everything are different and to recognise this isn’t a bad thing, imagine accepting and letting go of this problematic thinking, imagine how that state of mind might feel if you could accept things as they are.

The Practice of Kindness.

Being kind is an essential building block to a simpler way of life, you may think you are a kind person, but could be in a habit of putting yourself first, a form of self-defending, don’t worry it’s in everyone’s nature.

This can serve as a good defence mechanism but at the same time could sway your true potential of your kindness. A good remedy is a simple mindset change just like recognising things as they are. You really need to consider that others are just as important as yourself.

True Kindness

Once, you condition your mind to accept that others are just as important as you, you will be able to better respond appropriately to their needs. Then the way of practicing your kindness will become much easier and hell of a lot more satisfying.

Starting a daily diary could help you on your way until this practice become second nature to you. Try to commit to committing too at least one good act of kindness every day. This could be as simple as giving someone a hug, or helping a stranger get something of the top shelf at the supermarket, passing on your valid car-park ticket to the next driver parking their car.

Eventually you will find that you will home in on opportunities of kindness as easy as washing your hands in water. It’s the greatest feeling, when you see peoples face of shock as you offer unconventional kindness out of nowhere.

Give Up People-Pleasing.

On the flip side you don’t want to fall into the habit of becoming a people pleaser. Offering kindness is a great way to simplify your life but don’t become a “yes” person.

Have you ever said ‘yes’ when you really wanted to say ‘no’? This mind-boggling need for the approval of others can cause you trouble later down the line. Don’t mistake kindness and niceness as the same emotion they can be quite different in comparison.

If you are looking for the approval of others you are probably hiding under your own niceness. Don’t presume that if you are always nice and think of others first you will be protecting yourself from abuse and rejection.People Pleasing

If you don’t learn how to handle difficult situation and emotions and find the power to say ‘NO’ when you really mean ‘NO’ then you could become a people-pleaser which can leave you open to manipulation by others. You could also lose track of your very own thought and feelings. Help yourself and learn to balance your own needs and the needs of others.

Get Rid of Guilty Feelings.

Guilt is an exceptionally powerful emotion which can cause you a lot of anguish and pain so much so, it’s easy to say that the feelings of guilt are also extremely useless if you become a slave to these emotions.

Giving guilt strength and making it a part of you can give it the power to dislodge your own identity. Becoming trapped in this self-shaming behaviour won’t make you a better person but hopefully make you realise you have regrets.Regret

Regret on the other hand is more of a positive emotion to guilt recovery. Expressing regret can help you acknowledge that you may have hurt someone in some way or another. Allowing yourself to accept you’ve hurt someone will help you express a genuine apology to show them your sincere regret for hurting them and to let them know this is not the way you should behave.

If possible, you can make amends and commit to make things better. Once, you’ve gone through this process you will find the whole situation very relieving allowing you to diminish the feelings of guilt. In the unfortunate event that you are unable to make amends you can confide in yourself that you tried, which can also purify the guilt you may have.

Appreciate Things you Have.

Continuing to appreciate all that you have is a wonderful way to stay in a positive mind set to keep things simple. Unfortunately, over time we become complacent with what we have and even more frustrated with the things we don’t have.

It can be very easy to start discounting our blessing when we don’t have everything we need and want. When we become threatened by day to day complications and the steady struggle’s life can bring us, it becomes very easy to complain. We all do it, we all complain about not having enough money when the bills are piling up, or the children are fighting or even arguing with a partner. Even if, you’re wealthy it is also very easy to focus on what you don’t have.

As difficult as it may seem try to focus on what you do have making sure you consider and contemplate on non-material items and wealth, like your friends and family, your education, your health, your core values and talents. Once, you feel how lucky you are you will realise that some above problems are nothing compared to what you already have.

Summarising: Living the Simple Lifestyle

Finding a simpler way of life seems to be a growing trend that is growing momentum in this busy hectic lifestyle of ours, nowadays we are seeing a multitude of people jumping off the busy motorways to find those calm country roads.

Recognising things as they are can be one of the most astute ways to simplify your life. Only if you stop wanting items and people to be different to what they really are. Imagine how your state of mind might feel if you could accept things as they are.

Practicing kindness offers an opportune situation to show others your true self, which will help you on the inside and at the same time show others there is still kindness in the world, but don’t go so far as to turn yourself into a people-pleaser. Hiding under your niceness can lead you to be manipulated and abuse by other’s needs. Remember to balance your needs with the needs of others.

Don’t become consumed by guilt, feel regret instead so you can start the journey of forgiveness and purify your conscience to try to make amends of the people you might have upset.

Regardless of your situation, always appreciate the things you have. This positive mindset will revolutionize and revamp your life.


Be kind and smile often.




Photos by  Alexander Popov –  Matthew T Rader –  Jose Aragones –  Tom Parsons – Cristian Newman – Francisco Gonzalez – Nghia Le

4 thoughts on “Live the Simple Lifestyle – Less Can be SO Much More”

  1. Molly says:

    First of all great site, the colors just make me feel so zen and happy!
    This article really hit home, recently I have been working on being less material and more present and happy in the moments I live.
    Giving up so much of my love for people pleasing has been the hardest one so far. Thank you so much for the tips! I am looking forward to this really helping me succeed to find spiritual happiness.
    Will be coming back for more great content.

    1. Bryan says:

      I know exactly what you mean Molly. The trick is not to shut all the love you have for people out, but just to balance it so you don’t spiral out of control. Unfortunately people can and will take advantage of your good nature.

      As always Molly – Be kind and smile often.

  2. I completely agree. I often find that the people with “less” in the world we live in. For example, they may be poor. These people and families often have so much more in the sense of a social network, family and friends who rely on eachother. Thank you so much for sharing.

    1. Bryan Perry says:

      I know right… Now I’ve grown a little older and wiser the material items and new up to date items don’t really matter anymore. Don’t get me wrong I still like them lol, but there’s nothing better than grabbing the the dog lead and going for a nice walk with the whole family. (No phones of course) 🙂

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